A dog in the year-end album of a high school

In the United States, all high schools perform at the end of the school year an album with student photos. And in a school in San Antonio, Texas, a student like no other appears between a girl and a young man: a dog !

Of course, this dog is not not any doggie. Taxi is a 4 year old service dog who has spent the last years in high school alongside his mistress Rachel Benke

"He predicts his seizures an hour and a half before they happen"

The girl, who celebrated this year these 14 years, was born with a malformation of the brain and has suffered since her childhood from epileptic seizures. His condition has, however, greatly improved. Until she was 6, Rachel ate only baby food, did not say a word, and could do more than 100 seizures in one day. Thanks to the "miraculous" surgeries she has undergone, the girl is going a lot today, but her seizures continue, although they are much less frequent.

Taxi is there to detect them before they happen . "He predicts she's going to have a crisis an hour and a half before it happens," Rachel's mom Teresa told Rachel's mom Today.com . "It seems he recognizes a smell that the body emits, but as dogs can not speak we will never know for sure," she says.

In case of problems, Taxi rushes to look for relief and he always stays close to Rachel, leaving no one to approach him until the firemen have arrived. Knowing that the girl always falls on the left side when she has a seizure, he stands next to her to fall on him and not on the ground.

The Labrador Cross Golden Retriever was destined to become a dog blind guide, but his training was interrupted because of a problem with... cats! Taxi does not support the felines. Something that does not bother the Benke family.

A well-deserved place in the school's

album Four years ago, Rachel was frightened by animals. But when she met Taxi, when she took the puppy in her arms, the magic immediately operated, tells her mom, Theresa. Since then, the girl and the dog are inseparable. Taxi has saved his life many times , but that's not the only thing he does for her. Thanks to him, Rachel has gained confidence in her and always has a companion at his side, in both good and bad times.

Taxi knew how to be loved by all, and attended each of the courses followed by his young mistress . It was only natural that he should appear in the school's album. No doubt he will also be with Rachel when she graduates in a few years, as many service dogs have done.
Last month, a dog even came to get the diploma from his young master unfortunately died a few weeks earlier.