A dog in the final of Incredible Talent US version

Rockin' Rory, a 7-year-old Australian Shepherd, is stirring up emotion across the Atlantic like Susan Boyle did it off the Channel with his very special vocal organ.
Rockin 'Rory - and his master - participate in the America's Got Talent reality show (the US version of our program Incredible Talent).
And they participate for a reason: Rockin 'Rory does wonders with a simple frisbee (dog sport trend): jumps, antics, pirouettes... he catches the frisbee every time, in any position.
Rockin 'Rory and his master unleashed passions to half-life of the show, in front of the jury including David Hasselhoff... but will they win where Susan Boyle failed? Answer tonight in the America's Got Talent Finale

Watch Rockin 'Rory's performance
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