A dog gives his life to save his masters

In Herseaux, Belgium, a dog woke up his teachers and their two children while the house was in flames. The family was able to leave in time, but the animal perished , intoxicated.

This Thursday, around 6 o'clock in the morning, an accidental fire broke out in the family home, as reported on the RTL website. The wood stove, defective, spread the flames on the ground floor.

The household was deeply asleep at that time, but the family dog ​​was happily there to protect his family

The dog wakes up the family in time

As the toxic smoke spread in the house, he alerted his masters who were able to go out on time with their parents. infants

Unfortunately the brave animal did not survive, he was intoxicated by the fumes caused by the fire. The 4 family members were also poisoned, but their days are not in danger.

The brave animal will remain in the heart of this family as the one who gave his life to save theirs .