A dog found living in the rubble of an apartment... 1 month later

To survive a fire without leaving the flat that is in flames, it is already extraordinary. But to survive almost 1 more month alone without water or food is out of the ordinary. Yet it happened to dog from Boston in the United States

Lola is a young 2 year old Dachshund belonging to Terisa, a girl who lost everything in the fire of her apartment almost a month ago

Everything, including his beloved dog! Luckily, Terisa was not at home when the fire broke out, but her memories, her furniture... and her dog she considered a family member her party in Smoke.

Firefighters tell him that they did not find Lola's track when they came to put out the fire. For the young woman, all hope is lost.

A few days ago, Terisa went to her charred apartment to settle a few things, when she heard a little scratching at the door . " I called her name and she started crying, she was in the house all that time! " says the girl

" When I found her, I told myself that nothing in the world could spoil my joy "adds Terisa. The young Lola was taken to an animal care clinic.

The vet who took care of her says she is in incredible shape for a dog that has survived the flames, fumes toxic, then to hunger for nearly a month. We wish him an excellent recovery!