A dog found living in the middle of the rubble of his house (Video of the day)

Sometimes life surprises us. The story of Buddy, a chocolate Labrador having survived the collapse of his house , is a good example.

Unexpected rescue

Last Saturday, the small town of Oso in the state of Washington in the United States, has experienced a particularly devastating landslide that has claimed the lives of at least 24 people. Quinton Kuntz and his family had been to a baseball game that morning, leaving their dog Buddy at home. When they returned, they could only see the extent of the damage and had not the slightest hope of their four-legged companion.

But as they searched what was left of their dwelling in search of the least object to recover, they heard yelps. The complaints came from under the rubble: there, buried, was Buddy. After extracting it from the debris, the tear-stricken family found that not only was alive , but it did not seem to suffer any serious injury!

Look so the unexpected rescue of Buddy, who does not hide his joy to be reunited with his family. A story that proves that even in the worst of situations, you must never lose hope.

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