A dog disappeared for 2 years found and saved by a fisher

What happened to Baby? Where did this little bitch spend the last two years, and how did she find herself off Tampa Bay in Texas? The fisherman who discovered it at sea and helped him does not know it, but what concerns him the most today is to know where his masters are, they who declared it disappeared here are two years .

Found 3 km off shore

Baby was swimming more than 3 kilometers off the Texas coast when Tony Basile saw his truffle over the water. It was at 7am last Thursday.

" We assume that it fell overboard during the night, without anyone noticing" Tampa Bay Times Suzy Jonhson, who today helps Tony look after the little dog

Tony takes care of Baby while waiting for his masters

Where are Baby's masters?

Baby was taken to a veterinary clinic where his microchip was scanned . The staff then discovered that the bitch had been reported missing two years ago, but unfortunately could not find her owners.

Tony Basile became fond of the hairball, which made him makes good. Baby begins to whine as soon as he gets away from her. But the fisherman still hopes to find the masters of this bitch still wearing the necklace they had engraved in his name .