A dog dies... while driving a truck

This is an unusual but unfortunately tragic story that took place on the edge of a river in Alaska. A truck was found completely immersed in the water, with a dog inside.

A dog left alone in a truck last Sunday died after the vehicle rolled into the Kenai River, Alaska . According to the first elements of the investigation, the dog would accidentally start the truck , certainly by pressing the handbrake. The vehicle would then have slipped into the water.

The truck sank, with the dog inside

The scene unfolded while the dog's owners were busy watching the view at outside the vehicle. It only took a few minutes of inattention for the drama to happen. Trapped in the truck, the dog could not escape. He was probably drowned while the craft was sinking.

It does not necessarily mean it but it is true that a dog can easily unlock the handbrake of a car. If it is parked on a slope, an accident quickly arrived... Because prevention is better than cure, it is therefore recommended to avoid leaving your dog alone inside a vehicle.

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