A dog destined to be eaten in China ends up devoured... kisses!

Like thousands of dogs slaughtered for their meat in China, Tiger was destined to be eaten. But his lucky star decided otherwise.

In the streets of Beijing, a young Chinese woman passed every day in front of a dog locked in a cage much too small for him . A sad banality, which ended up calling him. She asked the seller what would happen to this dog. And the man to answer him that it would be sent to the slaughterhouse . Without further ado, the young woman decided to buy the dog to save him.

Tiger and his Savior / © Jenny Sehic

In his new home, this handsome German Shepherd turned out to be a wonderful pet dog. He got on particularly well with the children. A name was given to him: Tiger. But her savior could not keep it, she promised herself to find adopters for this wonderful dog.

An American family

When the family flew to San Francisco, Tiger was in the party . Taken in charge by the association Duo Duo Project, which helps dogs rescued from slaughter in China, it was proposed for adoption . This is where her path crosses that of Jenny Sehic.

Tiger discovers the joys of the beach in San Francisco / © Jenny Sehic

Previously, this American had had the opportunity to travel to China, and she had saw trucks full of dogs crammed into tiny cages that were driven to the slaughterhouse. " I started following Duo Duo Project on social media to better understand this trade in dog and cat meat, and what we as Americans could do to stop this practice Jenny Sehic told The Dodo .

As she was looking for a dog to adopt from China, the young woman discovered Tiger's photo. "We knew immediately that we had found our dog ", she recalls.

A friend for life

When Tiger arrived in his new home," he looked like an old dog he was so thin and muscular. He was curled up, and on his back there was still the scar from the top of the cage that was clearly too small for him . Shy and anxious at first, Tiger quickly found in Sloane, 3, an ally and a best friend for life .

In love with animals, the little girl of the family soon became a partner ideal game for the young Tiger. The two acolytes are now growing together, far from the tragedy that strikes thousands of dogs and cats in China. Recall that the only Yulin festival , which begins today, causes the deaths of 40,000 dogs and 10,000 cats each year.

Tiger and Sloane, 3 years / © Jenny Sehic

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