A dog and a cat find their masters after 6 months: the difference

The videos of dogs found their masters after several weeks, or even months of separation, are multiplying on the canvas, and are always very touching
But when it comes to a cat, things are... slightly different!

Canine reaction

Bonds of joy, lchouilles Welcome to endlessly, wagging tail of happiness: our doggies can show us how faithful , and how much our presence is dear to them.
The images of this dog jumping on his master finally back home, after 6 months of absence, are a magnificent proof.

Feline reaction

And now a surfer had fun to parody this kind of videos of American soldiers and their four-legged friends.
He puts himself in the shoes of a young man who has not seen his cat for 6 months. And the reaction of the cat is simply... worthy of a feline ! No overflow of joy, no licking... Charly hardly looks at his human!

And your cats, are they affectionate or totally independent?

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