A dog allergic to cats

A dog allergic to cats , we can say that it is a height! Yet he exists: his name is Joey and lives in Scotland.

This German Shepherd Dog Collie has the misfortune to be allergic to cat hair as humans would be.

But his allergies are much more dramatic than that: the poor dog is also allergic to mites, grass, daisies, dandelions, trees... and meat , yet the basis of the dog food!

This is called a real dog life , right? To put it simply, the only foods this dog can swallow are potato, oats and barley.

Her mistress says it was a real shock when she received Joey's blood tests by the veterinarian: " It's like he's allergic to the world ."

Joey's allergic attacks cause him serious skin rashes , which is why he follows a strict diet and takes antiallergic medications every day.

Some people think that Joey must be an unhappy dog, but his mistress says the opposite. And at least he will not annoy the neighbor's cat.