A disabled kitten takes full advantage of life! (Video of the day)

Here Pip , a normal kitten who plays and enjoys life like any baby cat ! Yet Pip is different from other cats, he was born front legs deformed and walks on his elbows.

As can be seen in the video, despite his disability, the kitten is quick and fast ! This distortion does not prevent him from playing and enjoy life !

The kitten was saved by Tenth Life Cat Rescue , a non-profit organization, which has set itself the task of saving stray cats in the streets of St. Louis (USA), particularly those in need : wounds, lack of food, etc. Tenth Life estimates that all lives are important

Saved from the street, Pip is still a baby, and Tenth Life makes sure he grows up normally. Aware that this malformation could have consequences on the kitten, the organization makes sure that the baby cat lives happily, in good health, and that it does not suffer.

For the moment, Pip is very smart and very happy to live ! A Congratulation and a big thank you to Tenth Life for these daily rescues!

A disabled kitten, happy to live!

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