A diamond-swallowing dog

Soli, whose master works in a jewelery store, swallowed a diamond valued at $ 20,000 (15 000 euros)

George Kaufman brings his dog Soli every day to his jewels with him. That morning, the owner of this very greedy Golden Retriever was in the presence of a dealer who had just brought a 3 carat diamond. As he examined it, George Kaufman inadvertently dropped the gemstone on the floor. Within a second, Soli throws himself on the pebble and makes only a mouthful , without anyone having time to move.

Taken aback, his partner tries to extract the diamond from the mouth of the animal, but it was already too late. After calling a veterinarian, who advises them not to recover the diamond, the two men decide to wait for " nature follows its course ".

Master then goes in search of the diamond in the droppings of Soli. " When we wandered in the morning and evening, I picked up [his excrement] and examined everything. It was not very pleasant, but it had to be done. said Mr. Kauffman

It was only two days later that the master finally managed to recover the diamond . After having carefully cleaned it, he will give it to the merchant without delay. More fear than harm, on the side of Soli as on the side of his master and the merchant!

Between the story of Soli and that of the dog of the girlfriend of Prince Wiliams who swallows his earrings, the dogs definitely have luxury tastes right now! This kind of misadventure often happens with pets. For more information, read also our article on the attitude to adopt when your dog swallows an object. In all cases, we recommend contacting your veterinarian , who will advise you how to proceed according to the situation.