A coyote will devour a dog, when a second later the unthinkable occurs (Video)

A few seconds later, the dog would probably be dead...

Several years ago, security cameras filmed a truly astonishing scene. We can see on the video a puppy - named Trixie - who stays a few seconds alone before being jumped on by a coyote who wants to devour him . As the coyote begins to drag its prey into its mouth, something incredible happens.

A true hero

Out of nowhere, a dog rushes towards the coyote and the puppy and n ' listening only to his courage. This is the neighbor's Rottweiler - named Happy - who obviously did not support the idea that a dog is being attacked under his eyes. Once facing the Rottweiler, the coyote lets go and starts running away, still pursued by Happy, delighted to scare the wild animal and save Trixie!

A pretty impressive video to discover here

A good example of solidarity between dogs!

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