A couple rescues a kitten thrown on a highway at the risk of his life

In October, a young cat was thrown from a moving car on an American highway. Thanks to two brave heroes, he is now out of the woods.

He did not take much. Recently thrown from a vehicle traveling on the Interstate Highway through Virginia, Illinois, Missouri, Indiana and Kentucky, a kitten saw her short life in front of her. But witnessing the scene, a couple did not hesitate to stop his car to rescue the little animal, told the Facebook page Itty Bitty Kitty Commitee who - since - has collected the feline.

At the risk of their own lives, they picked up the baby and quickly took him to the Kanawha Valley Veterinary Emergency. Miraculously, the little woman was later recovered by the aforementioned shelter and named Hallie Greer

A grateful kitten

A week after its terrible mishap, the kitten is much better. In great shape, she constantly thanks - with the help of cuddles and purring - those who are now taking care of her.

She has also met with her host family, who already, began to spoil her. She has indeed received a pink collar with a bell... and will be proposed for adoption as soon as it is sterilized.

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