A couple find kittens in their truck, 3 weeks later...

A meeting that will change everything.

After a shopping session, a couple had the great surprise of discovering in their truck a litter of abandoned kittens. Immediately, they decide to call the SCAT Street Cat Rescue to find a solution and the association comes to pick up the kittens and places them in foster care.

"The kittens had some breathing problems, but otherwise they were in good health, "the association told the site LoveMeow.

Taking all 5 in their new family, the kittens did not dare to move too much at the beginning. But after a few minutes and thanks to two-three toys, everything is back to normal. The kittens started to play!

After a few days in their family, the kittens began to change. They had a growing appetite and were becoming more cuddly and sociable. After three weeks in their new home, the kittens became much bigger. They are no longer afraid of anything, are perfectly socialized and spend their time with their adoptive mother!

Another proof of how much a foster family can have an impact on the life of a child. small kitten abandoned

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