A concert just for dogs!

A special concert was organized last Saturday, at the Sydney Opera House in Australia: it was entirely reserved for dogs !

Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson, renowned rockers , decided to implement this crazy idea. The inspiration would have come from Lolabelle, Laurie Anderson's Rat terrier. The dog is, according to her, a hardcore music , but nevertheless sharp. She is also the first to have heard the concert, since her mistress can not hear it herself.

Laurie Anderson was nervous before the concert, ignoring how dogs would react by listening to their first concert She even called " nightmare " the opportunity to see this experience end in a cacophony of barking. She had warned that " the concert would only last 20 minutes. Dogs have limited power of concentration

Even though the owners had to accompany their pets, most of the concert was imperceptible to the human ear . Integrated in the programming of a festival that lasts several days, the event was free and gathered more than 1000 participants.

Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson thus paved the way for a new genre of activities to share with his four-legged friend. Let's hope that initiatives of this type will multiply in the future!