Coffee with rabbits... for stressed Japanese!

In Nagoya, Japan, a coffee of one new genre has just opened: a café with rabbits! Not a café for missed appointments, but a place where you can have lunch, have a drink, while being surrounded by rabbits.

The concept already existed with cats, but rodents were not very present on this market.And it works pretty well!

On site, there is a restaurant area, where you can enjoy specialties rabbits. Do not worry, these are not rabbit dishes but rather dishes inspired by our friends rodents. Thus, one can eat bagels, curry dishes, as well as chocolate rabbits!

In the interest of hygiene, the rabbit space is in a room apart. 18 rabbits are constantly on the spot, waiting to be caressed by customers in lack of affection or simply fans of "bunnys"!

These can also bring their own animal, so that it plays with others and socialize to the maximum. According to the owner of the premises, "rabbits too pampered at home will reject their owners one day". Hence the interest of opening them to the world!

But beware, this happiness is not free! It takes 900 yen (about 7 €) for the table and 100 yen (a little less than one euro) a minute, to... caress one of the 18 rabbits coffee!

Interest? Many Japanese renting apartments do not have permission to have a pet.

There, it is an ideal place to take his little animal legally. In addition, it seems that these rodents are very good de-stressors for Japanese, whose life is sometimes more than anxious...