A child finds his dog after 5 years of separation thanks to Make-A-Wish

Five years ago, this is the heavy heart that Francisco Beltran, a 10-year-old boy, left his best friend on all fours, Popelle, as he left Mexico to move to Pasco, Washington, with his parents The animal, which was not allowed to cross the border, was not abandoned, but was given to relatives in Mexico,

. doctors made a sad diagnosis: the child has leukemia. Francisco's family came into contact with the Make-A-Wish association, which makes every effort to realize the biggest dreams of sick children.

5 months later, his most cherished wish was granted: Popelle was again at his side . It took weeks for the association to obtain permission to move the dog to the United States. Then Popelle had to be quarantined for a month and a half

Never separated!

Until the last moment, the boy's parents managed to keep the secret. They pretended to have to pick up his uncle at the airport. But when Francisco arrived there, it was not his uncle who was waiting for him, but this friend who missed him so much in the last 5 years.

Popelle seems to have immediately recognized his little master . "She felt my T-shirt and she recognized me" confides the little boy before making sure he will never leave anything or people

The association also offered Francisco and his family the sum of 500 dollars to use in a famous American pet shop. Popelle also had the right to a good grooming!