A cat's tail saves his life

Here is a story about euthanasia and disability of a pet that makes you think. Cynthia, an American owner of a cat just 1 year old, Niko, was shocked when she discovered that he was run over by a car .

She takes him to the vet urgently. The radios show that the damage is severe: in one hour Niko has lost his ability to swallow, blink, and even move. The vet announces to Cynthia that there is no hope and that must be euthanized

He no longer controls his movements and will never be able to walk again. It's not a life for a cat "says the veterinarian. But Cynthia does not want to believe it, even though she knows her vet is right; how could she take care of a cat that can not do anything by itself?

But Cynthia is the kind of woman who believes in miracles . She puts her hand on her cat's chest and calls it by her first name: " Niko ". The cat then slowly raises its tail in the air before letting it fall. " How can that be if he does not control his movements? " asks Cynthia.

The vet answers that it's a simple reflex. But Cynthia retries the experience and Niko raises his tail again. She then decided to not to euthanize

Two days later she returned her cat in a sorry state to the house. She must feed him by a tube that goes straight into his stomach because his jaw is broken, must put drops in his eyes because he can not close them, and give him medicine to relieve pain. It's an attention every minute.

Then one day it paid off. Cynthia saw Niko get up, walk and fall. Then start again. In fact, because of his damaged brain , Niko confuses right and left with the up and down.

But since that day Niko has been a happy cat who has lived his life as other cats, even if it was a little more awkward . And he lived 9 years more, a real feat! And you, the AllCreatureAnimalClinic, have you had a similar experience with a pet ?