A cat with a sixth sense

Cats not only have nine lives, some also have a sixth sense. This is certainly true for Christopher, a tabby cat. This big cat, aged about 4, can feel when his fellow kittens are dying and immediately informs the staff at Redwood City Hospital in California.

His method is simple : sit in front of the cage of a sick feline and wait to be let in. Once inside, he takes care of pampering and grooming the dying cat.

The cat's greatest glory is the time he rescued a black kitten from severe anemia. A blood transfusion was needed, but the vet could not even get enough blood to know the blood type of the animal

I did not know what to do Says Mr. Thompson, veterinarian in Redwood City

He notices Christopher rushes over the kitten and starts fondling him, rubbing against him. Without any other solution, Mr. Thompson decides to try everything for the whole. He uses Christopher's blood for transfusion. Incredible but true, the black kitten had a very rare type B blood group... exactly the same as Christopher. For four hours, the heroic cat remains stoic for transfusion

If I had not paid attention to Christopher, the cat would probably be dead , says Mr. Thompson.

The hospital staff nicknamed him "guardian angel", "miraculous kitten." Raised after an accident that had left the pelvis broken, Christopher has since been living at the hospital, where he provides his invaluable help to the whole team of veterinarians and volunteers. Although several people have expressed their willingness to adopt Christopher, Mr. Thompson said he would stay at the clinic because it "is useful" to the work of veterinarians.

An incredible story of the abilities of our animal friends, in the bloodline of this cat who gives his blood to save lives. We owe a debt of gratitude to her cats of boundless generosity who never ask for anything in return.