A cat with a magnificent look takes hold of the Web despite its unimaginable handicap

Si you do not know Jasmine yet, something tells us that it will change soon! In recent days, the pretty little girl has indeed imposed on the Web touching in the heart of internet users, far from imagining his disability...

With its false airs of Venus, the chimerical cat with two faces, that's it that a minette is taking hostage the hearts of all Internet users posing on it their eyes. Her name is Jasmine and was recently adopted through a Facebook post from the Feline Adoption Association . The happy new mom? A young 19-year-old from Bordeaux, who instantly fell under the unusual charm of the magnificent ball of fur.

And we can easily understand why: with her long coat, fluffy half-black half-fire powdered with snow and her eyes wide open on the world, difficult to resist him. Incredible to imagine that this one however long lived a life of vagabond...

Its long period of wandering him besides caused some troubles: you would never have suspected it but the kitten has indeed... lost her sight.

"Her host family explained to us that she was blind, but for me she was still a cat like everyone else. I immediately wanted to adopt her even though I was conscious of her blindness as I had already lived with a cat who became blind with age ", told the young woman Love Meow , also stating that Jasmine "had stolen her heart just as she had seen her picture."

"When I saw her, I found her even more beautiful than on the photos ", she also said.

And to look at the adorable clichés she posted on social networks , we can only believe it.

Although the malnutrition caused by her long months spent in the street is responsible for her disability, she is still a small cat in elegance.

Today saved, she lives a wonderful story with her human who seems to be doing his best for the happiness of his four-legged darling. "When I went to Normandy to visit my family, Jasmine had been waiting for me on the bed all my life. bsence. She can not do without us now, and we can not do without her either. It brings us so much love, " indeed testify the young woman.

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