A cat tries to drink with a straw... and it is not won! (Video of the day)

Have you ever seen a cat trying to drink with a straw? As you will discover, or re-discover, it is not sad !

This is Timo the Ragdoll, a tomcat who begins to make a name on Youtube, thanks to his beautiful love story with a hammock... Timo thinks that if humans do it, there is no reason for him not to do the same.

Yes, but here we have to guess, the tomcat has some difficulty in understanding the principle of straw. It must be said that it does not put his! The straw has obviously no desire to be tamed by a cat .

But Timo has proved it previously, he is very perseverant. Will he manage to tame the rebel straw? Or will he end up throwing in the towel? The suspense is at its height... And the answer in pictures!

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