A cat travels 20 km to find his family

One month after his disappearance, cat Bob made his masters an incredible surprise! The cat returned home alone , having traveled more than 20 kilometers.

Bob, or Mimi, as his mistress likes to call him, escaped on May 11, while his owners had taken them with them to the countryside, to Pusignan in the Rhöne. " Since it had been a lot of rain, I wanted to enjoy the sun and I immediately dropped ," says his owner, Dany, in the columns of Progress .

Thin, ruffled, but well returned!

Bob returned at nightfall, but the next morning, when leaving Pusignan to return to Villeurbanne, 24 kilometers away, the cat had gone .

" He may disappear for two or three days but no more, and I did not give him his necklace ," says Dany.

His family published an ad on the Internet, and posted many posters to try to find the little runaway. No results.

But on June 13, when Dany was beginning to lose hope, a meow from the garden alerted her . A little emaciated and scratched, the hairs in battle, but in good health according to the vet: it was Bob.

"He must have a GPS in his head! "

This journey l it seems exhausted. He sleeps more than usual since his return. He is also more cowardly than before. If only Bob could tell what he saw, and done, all the time...

" He's really special and very different from the other cats I've had. He does not like loneliness He is not independent like the others He always stays with us How did he manage to come back? He must have a GPS in his head! "Have fun Dany.