A cat survives machine washing

Karin, a cat owner from Johannesburg, South Africa, was scared of her life when she realized that her beloved cat had just been subjected to complete cycle of his washing machine . Miraculously, the animal survived!

When she heard a meekly choked in her kitchen, Karin, 63, wondered where Tabitha , his Manx Black Cat

As she knows that the animal is able to sleep anywhere, she has searched every nook and cranny all the way to the inside of the closets and refrigerator, but nothing, no trace of his companion . She heard desperate mews again without being able to tell where they came from.

Then, after a while, the buzzer sounded; she had just finished her cycle. When she pressed the door opening button, she came face to face with her terrified cat , her mouth open and her eyes like saucers.

The animal was coming 1h45 machine wash !

A traumatized but miraculous cat

Karin began to panic. For fear of opening the machine herself and further injuring her cat, she called on a neighbor who unplugged the device and helped open the porthole.

The animal was shrunken , he had lost half his height!

Karin rushed to his vet who treated Tabitha for shock and hypothermia . The cat had water in her lungs, she did not go far from drowning

Upset, Karin waited 5 hours praying for her cat to be alive on his return

And by a miracle, Tabitha was returned to his mistress in perfect health , and to his normal size since his coat had dried up.

What avoided Tabitha pussy a horrible death? The fact that her mistress only does cold washing to save energy.

Today, the cat is much better and even seems to have forgotten its trauma... since it starts again to take naps in very inappropriate places .