A cat survives a 12-storey fall

Angela Lang had a great fright when she realized that her 9-year-old cat had fallen from the 12th floor !

Fortunately, the cat has docked tens of meters lower without much injury. In New York, cat stories "paratroopers" , as veterinarians call them, are commonplace.

A single minute of inattention...

The owner of Copper the cat n ' She can not believe it: her cat is a " miraculate ," she told NY Post . Her 9-year-old cat has survived a dramatic fall of 12 floors !

The young woman who had just moved into an apartment for the first time was not suspicious. A few minutes of inattention will be enough for his cat, Copper, to venture on the edge of his window and fall from his perch .

It is at dinner time that Angela is aware of the disappearance of his cat. While her cat had thrown on her bowl, Copper, it was missing on the call .

The cat landed on a garage

For two hours, Angela searches in vain for the feline. Looking out the window, she sees her cat... on the roof of a garage, 12 floors below !

It's thanks to the intervention of the neighbor below, 9 hours later , that Copper could be recovered. The man was surprised to see that the cat was barely wounded

" The veterinarians were very reserved about his health ," says Angela anyway . " But I told them, let's give it 24 hours! ," says the cat's mistress. The wait finally paid off as Copper survived his wounds .

" That's remarkable! We did not think he would get there... , said veterinarians to Angela afterwards.

Copper was really lucky because after a fall of more than 4 or 5 floors , cats do not necessarily fall back on their feet...