Cat survives 26 days trapped under debris

The small town of Franklin, Massachusetts, experienced, on August 10, a disaster that could have been much more serious. That day, the city's flower shop caught on fire.

No injuries but a woman, Sandy LaPierre, lost a lot. His cat, Smoka, has disappeared since the fire. And yet, there is nothing like a runaway cat...

Nearly a month later, while workers are putting order in the debris of the store, they find... Smoka the cat ! Was he hiding under the debris for fear of going out after what he endured? Or was he really stuck and in this case, he would have had a hard time feeding himself and especially drinking. Miracle or big stroke of luck?

Especially since the fire took place on August 10 and Smoka was found on September 4. The brave little cat has survived 26 days alone, under the debris.
No need to tell you the joy of his mistress, Sandy LaPierre, but also that of Smoka, who comes from far.