Cat summoned to court

Sal Esposito , living in Boston with the rest of his family, received a letter asking him to do his duty as a citizen and to become a temporary juror in the city court. So far, nothing unusual, except that Sal is a... cat!

How could that happen? At the last census of the city, the Esposito couple entered the name of their cat in the box pets . The choice of jurors for a trial is done informally, and randomly. We imagine that the computer has selected the cat by mistake .

The anecdote does not stop there; even specifying that the so-called "Sal Esposito" can not appear at the trial for obvious reasons, the court insists.

The couple therefore sought which of the 10 legal qualifications to become a juror their cat did not have. The most obvious is " does not speak and does not understand English ". But the request was refused, and the couple hopes to clarify the situation before the start of the trial... Otherwise they will be forced to go to court with their cat , and there is the seriousness of the justice that will take a hit!