A cat stuck in a tree for a week, saved thanks to an association

Near Rouen, a cat that had been perched in a tree for a week was rescued by the association Les P'tites Pattes 76. Another good example of solidarity!

When it comes to helping an animal in danger, Internet users are always mobilized. This was the case for this poor cat, stuck in a tree in Notre-Dame-de-Bondeville, Seine-Maritime. The association Les P'tites Pattes 76 was indeed worried for him. On social networks, she explains the situation: "The owners can not do anything because too high to make it down (...). It is very urgent, it will not last long. It must begin to weaken without eating and drinking for a week.

Firefighters refuse to intervene, the association has appealed to the solidarity of Internet users. And thanks to the magic of the Internet, she quickly received several proposals to save the cat. A climber-climber moved for free to rescue him. And thanks to him, the little cat was able to return to the mainland, safe and sound. He will be examined by a veterinarian before returning to his owners.

Les P'tites Pattes 76

What if my cat is stuck in a tree?

If your cat is stuck in a tree (or in height ) and refuse to come down, you can:

  • Try to attract him by calling him by his name and baiting him with food
  • Use a laser pointer that you will drag along the trunk: if your cat likes to play with, he will try to follow him.
  • Contact firefighters (but usually they do not move) or an arborist
  • Climb with a ladder (or a ladder) neighbor)
  • Place, if you can, a transport crate as high as possible, with food inside, so the cat can get in
  • Contact a local association
  • Appeal to solidarity of Internet users via social networks

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