A cat soon to be sent into space

A Persian cat should soon leave the Earth to fly to space , in the company of other animals, a rabbit and a rat in particular. It is Iran that intends to make this feline travel in space , then angering animal welfare associations, such as PETA

A cat in space in 2014

The news was announced by Mohammad Ebrahimi, head of the Iranian Space Agency's aviation research organization. However, he did not specify the launch date of the rocket that will lead the cat into space, indicating only that it would take place by March 2014.

The Persian is a symbol of the Iran, where he comes from. Hence the choice of this cat breed .

The wrath of PETA

PETA protests against this " back to primitive techniques years 1950 "involving the transport of animals

" Anyone who has ever shared a house with a cat knows that cats are complex individuals experiencing pain, fear and 'love in the same way that we "emphasizes the association. And to add: " If this is the idea of ​​Iran's progress, we should expect to see the rocket sink into the Earth, and not fly to space "

50 years after Félicette

The Persian will not be the first cat to board a spaceship. But the last flight of a cat in space goes back almost 50 years. In 1963, France was the first country to send a cat in zero gravity : a gutter cat named Félicette.

The announcement made by the Iranian space agency comes 7 months after the country has claimed to have successfully transported a monkey out of the Earth's atmosphere. An announcement called into question following the publication of photos that seem to show two different monkeys before and after the launch...