A cat saves a girl from the grip of a python

An animal saving the life of a human is certainly not rare. But at AllCreatureAnimalClinic, one will never stop marveling at these beautiful stories , like that of Zara.

This little Australian girl aged only 22 months owes her life to her cat Duchess, who 'a saved from the grip of a snake , a python more precisely

Very strange behavior

As the mother of the child, Tess Guthrie, says, the animal had for several days a very strange behavior

The cat suddenly folded back on itself . He ate more, and was constantly bleeding, something he never did.

Not suspecting for a moment that this behavior could be due to the presence of a snake, Duchess's mistress naturally thought that his cat was sick, so called his vet. But the doctor did not detect anything abnormal.

Then one night, the cat began shouting . Awake with a start, Tess opened her eyes and discovered with astonishment that a snake was wrapped around the arm of her child !

"I finally understood what our cat was trying to tell us "

" I did not believe it, I panicked, and at the same time I finally understood what our cat had been trying to tell us for several days " she says in the columns from Herald Sun.

The young mother jumped out of bed to untie the snake from Zara's arm, before giving first aid to her granddaughter while waiting for help.

As the python, surprised, had the time to bite the child.

But fortunately, the injury was mild, and taken to the hospital, the little Zara was soon able to return home.

When to Duchess, she has become the cat she has always been , and her mistress owes her eternal gratitude

" I keep wondering how many days this snake has passed under my bed "Tess sighs today. In love with animals, all animals, Zara's mother refused to allow the snake to be euthanized. He was released a few hundred meters from her home.