A cat saves his masters from a devastating landslide

Pepe is a real hero. This Italian cat from Genoa saved his humans by alerting them just in time of the danger about to fall on them.

A few days ago, Domenico Priano and his wife, Orietta, were awakened in full night by the animal jumping on their bed . As soon as they turned on the light, they saw the ceiling of their room cracking, reports nextquotidiano.it . The couple then immediately took his cat with him and ran away by car.

Ten minutes later, a "frana", devastating landslide, took away their house and two other dwellings located on the heights of the district of Pra '.

Saved by a couple, the cat gives him the same

If the cat could feel a phenomenon that his humans could not have foreseen, it is thanks to the vibrations he has perceived and which for us can only be detected by very sophisticated measuring instruments. The animal could have escaped the danger alone. But his instinct guided him to his owners and saved their lives .

Of course, Domenico and Orietta Priano are very grateful to their beloved and tender companion on all fours, and will remain so forever they saved that cat from the waters of a stream when it was barely a week old. It was a little over a year ago, and the least we can say is that Pepe was able to thank them for giving him their home and their love.