A cat saves his family from carbon monoxide poisoning

Thanks to her cat, a couple from Wisconsin (United States) escaped unhurt: the carbon monoxide rate skyrocketed in his home and it was the animal who warned him.

If the Shanahan are still alive, it is not thanks to their detector. Earlier this month, they nearly stayed there, reveals CBS . But thanks to Gracie, their heroic cat , the tragedy could be avoided. At the stroke of one o'clock in the morning, the cat had a stroke of madness. He started banging repeatedly against the door... which awakened his master.

Gracie, the heroic cat

And while he rose up to calm the animal, he realized that his wife was sitting in the chair... almost unconscious and in great difficulty breathing. Without asking more questions, he called the fire department. When they arrived, they immediately understood why the cat had done so: because of a leak in the water heater, the carbon monoxide level was very high in the house. Did he wish to flee or really warn his masters? Nobody knows. Still, he saved his owners .

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