A cat saves 4 orphaned puppies by becoming their adoptive mother

The Humane Society of Utah, in the United States, hopes well quickly find a loving family her little 4-legged heroine, Kit, who took a litter of abandoned puppies under her wing and allowed them to survive.

The four little Chuhuahuas were abandoned a few hours after their birth in a cardboard on the roof of a car. A word explaining that their mother was dead was simply accompanying the box.

Fortunately, the owner of the car found them in time, before dark and immediately entrusted them to the association.

luckily, the shelter had collected the same day a pregnant cat, Kat, and her sister just finished weaning her kittens, Kit. And as soon as the staff of the shelter put the latter in contact with the puppies, she is the most naturally of the world become their surrogate mother.

The cat has taken care of the puppies until her sister puts down. The shelter staff felt that the situation was becoming too stressful and it was at the bottle that the pups were fed.

"We are lucky that this woman found the puppies and brought them to us , and we're lucky to have had a cat here that could give them some milk. We think it saved their lives , says Deann Shepherd, director of communications for Humane Society of Utah.

And a few days later, when the association collected a litter of orphaned kittens, Kit once again put on his super-mother's hair to feed and care for them two. It is now high time for her to rest and be pampered in a loving home.