A cat rescues his masters from the collapse of their house

Baxter is a true hero. Thanks to him, two inhabitants of Philadelphia narrowly escaped a terrible accident.

Cats really have a sixth sense! It is surely he who allowed Baxter to feel that a danger was imminent and that he had to warn his masters on Wednesday around 4:45 in the morning. While his human was sleeping on the first floor sofa, he came to wake him up. Once standing, he went to wake his wife and it was there that they heard a very disturbing crack in their house. Neither one nor two, they started to flee their building

A few seconds close

Just in time! Indeed, a few seconds later, an entire wall of the building collapsed and they would have been under the rubble if they had not moved. Thanks to Baxter, they escaped death and escaped with only a few scratches. The white and gray cat also managed to escape and took refuge... on the roof, which remained partially intact.

Steve Keeley on Twitter

A team composed of members of the Red Paw Emergency Relief Team was able to help him and make him safe and sound to his owners to the applause of the crowd. The rest of the couple's house had to be destroyed and an investigation was opened to determine the circumstances of this collapse that would end in drama if the cat had not warned its owners. A real hero!

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