A cat rescued from a shelter sleeps every day in a doll's bed and it's adorable!

Because life was not always simple and happy for Sophie, the little cat decided to spend every night as close as possible to her new humans... in a doll's bed!

When she was only three years old, Sophie - an adorable little black and white cat - was lucky to be rescued and placed in a shelter to find a new family. His former master possessed many animals and left them in tiny cages, on top of each other . Difficult living conditions for Sophie who today has only one desire: to end her life in a good family and to be comfortably installed.

A doll's bed as a basket

And the least that It can be said that she is well settled in her new family! Christiana Viscusi and her husband explain that the little pussy has always been very close to them, even at bedtime! This is how Sophie goes to sleep at the same time as her humans, settling at the top of a small dresser, refusing to go on the bed of her masters. As the days go by, Christiana Viscusi has the idea to put a little doll bed on the famous dresser just to see if it could suit Sophie.

It's a delighted pussy that s' now installs each night by snuggling comfortably under the small cover in the tiny bed. To make things right, Christiana Viscusi regularly changes the sheets of the little bed and even deposited a little stuffed crocodile to keep company with the cat!

Since then, Sophie will tirelessly go to sleep at the same time as her teachers and only go up once in the night to nibble a little something before going back to sleep soundly until

. Small social networking star, Sophie has her own Instagram account

where you can follow all her adventures

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