A cat rescued from the fire of the Grenfell tower in London comforts everyone

In the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, a terrible fire broke out in London in a high-rise apartment. A real drama that has made many victims. Among the survivors, there is Paucho, an adorable cat.

Prisoner of the flames during the fire of the Grenfell tower in London , Paucho the cat was very lucky. Once saved from the building on fire, the cat was taken to a church not far from the drama where he was able to receive the needed care

A dose of comfort

Separated from his masters during the fire, the cat found solace with all the people rescued during the fire and other passers-by who attended the scene. But if the cat received a good dose of hugs , it also gave a lot for the greatest happiness of all the people on the spot who could take advantage of this little moment of happiness to recover a little

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A great way to comfort one another in times of hardship

Many pets died in this terrible fire has made many victims .

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