A rescued cat after spending 7 months at sea on a rowboat

This story seems staggering and yet... A sailor fiftieth year claiming to have spent 7 months adrift in the middle of the Indian Ocean, has just been saved. On board his boat, he had a cat.

A Polish sailor of 54 has been rescued while he was on a rowboat off the island of Reunion, reports AFP (Agence France Press). On board was also his pet cat. The man said he had been sailing on the Indian Ocean for 7 months, after leaving the Union of Comoros, in the south-east of the Africa, last May. He wanted to travel to South Africa to find work, but his liner rescue boat broke down, it drifted between the Maldives, Indonesia and Mauritius.

Agence France-Presse

An adventure worthy of a film script!

The man explains having survived this journey by eating half a packet of Chinese soup a day, having only brought provisions for a month. To complete, he sometimes managed to fish. His cat would have survived by eating fish.

The gendarmerie opened a survey to trace the adventure of this sailor and his cat.

The fiftieth anniversary was taken care of by the Seafarers Association. He intends to stay in Reunion Island at least the time to repair his boat... even if he does not know his next destination yet . As for his cat, the story does not say what it has become... but we can suggest that he was not displeased to find the land.

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