A cat protects a woman from 2 pitbulls

A cat saved the life of a woman by defending her against 2 Pitbulls , in Texas, in the United States.

The 39-year-old woman was walking around her neighborhood when she saw 2 dogs running towards her to attack her. They managed to put her to the ground , before her husband heard her cries and tried to save her, without success.

It was then that the couple's cat, Lima, jumped and s is taken to 2 Pitbulls. She spat in their direction and scratched them, which diverted the attention of the dogs. Thus, the woman and her husband were able to flee.

Lima, a cat usually very shy and discreet, has thus interposed successfully between his mistress and 2 dogs weighing more than 40 kg each!

The 2 dogs were quarantined . They were known for their incessant barking, but had never attacked anyone. That day, they managed to escape their court.

The euthanasia of the Pitbulls may be the outcome of this story. It is regrettable that these so-called "dangerous" animals are not treated with more care. A good education and adapted surveillance