A cat predicts his mistress's aneurysm rupture and saves

Janet Batten, from the small town of Toms Brook in the United States was puzzled when her cat Noah 6 kilos had an interest in his head

" He was constantly around my head and lingered on the right side sniffing around my nose, he, my nose "Says Janet." Sometimes he really pushed me with his head. "

" After doing that, he sat down and stared at me with a look that I did not did not know and made a noise that he never usually did, I started to wonder if I did not have a problem and I became suspicious.

Then Janet had a problem at then she went to see a doctor and an ophthalmologist, but neither of them found any problem.

But six months after Noah's "warnings" the cat, Jane t suffered a small attack . A CT scan revealed that she had cerebral aneurysm .

Since she was treated, Noah the cat is no longer bothering her. "He was trying to tell me that there was something unclear in my head," said Janet.

Noah the cat, a heroic animal

The diagnostic faculties of Noah the cat have been recognized by veterinarians and he received the prestigious title of heroic animal . The veterinary doctor behind this appointment is simply the one following Noah.

" Usually, these are dogs that receive this award, but Noah the cat has clearly warned his mistress that she had a health problem "says the vet.

In addition to additional treats , Noah the cat is rewarded because he knows that thanks to him, his mistress is always at his side.

The cases of cats saving their masters are more common than we think; remember this cat who saved his mistress in the middle of a diabetes crisis!