A palace for a cat in a small apartment is possible

Not easy, when one lives in a small apartment, to combine style and furniture for cat. But fortunately, designers are not lacking in imagination. They also think of the owners of kitties naturally wishing to make the happiness of their cat without sacrificing their decoration !

Author of Aristide , the blog of the urban feline, Gauthier knows how to find objects that will delight the felines and their devoted masters. So, how to make your apartment cat-friendly without giving up style? With cubes Catissa for example!

Our house cats need to jump, climb and perch to satisfy their wild instinct and feel good in their hair. However, it is difficult to buy a giant cat tree in a mop, to put shelves at Castoche everywhere in the living room or to install at each window a small guardrail special "cat paratroopers". Yes it's ugly, it takes a lot of space and we do not really want to transform our beautiful home sweet home refuge Bardot Foundation

Multiply the living space of cats

But that was before. Because today there is Catissa, a model of "cat furniture" design and contemporary , designed to multiply the living space of cats in urban areas where each m2 counts.

The idea comes from a young industrial designer from St. Petersburg. Ilshat Garipov of Studio Mojorno has imagined this modular system of colored cubes which, when affixed to the wall in a corner of the room, offers an ideal space for play, napping, hiding and observation to your cat. While allowing him to finally get this fly that taunted for weeks on the ceiling.

The quadriplex module (30cm x 50cm x 120cm) comes with 4 cushions and a small wooden staircase that provides access to the first cube. For those who are not too trendy "United Colors of Benetton", Catissa is also available in Black or White, something to satisfy the purists.

Contacted by the team ARISTIDE, our friend Ilshat (we say "he- pussy ") informed us that Catissa modules were currently in production. You can already place a pre-order on his site or send him an email to mojorno@gmail.com. The price ? 250 € + expenses of shipping.

The handymen, they, will be able to take inspiration from this ingenious idea to create their own palace for cats!

Aristide, the blog of the urban feline