A cat mom wants to find her kittens at a clinic

The maternal instinct, in humans as at home animals, can push to do incredible things. When the staff of the Mill Road Vet Clinic Veterinary Clinic in Whangarei, New Zealand, found a box containing 4 kittens in front of the facility door, he thought the pups had been abandoned by their mother. But very quickly, they realized that it was not the case, far from it.

" She probably prowled all night looking for her kittens"

A cat was indeed spotted while trying to enter the clinic. " This morning, we saw a tabby cat lying in front of our front door, trying to get in every time a patient came in. When we realized that she would not leave, we took her and had found that she was a breastfeeding mother "tell the clinic's employees on Facebook.

The cat was then introduced to the" orphan "kittens, followed by" happy reunions " ". And the clinic added, " It was obvious that this was the mother, she let them suck and cling to her "

The clinic staff think that the cat was in the box with her kittens when all were abandoned. " She probably wandered all night looking for her kittens kidnapped "

The whole family was picked up by a relative of one of the clinic's employees, all very much affected by the behavior of this worried mother, who will take care of the mother and her kittens until the young are old enough to be adopted.