A cat jumps from a burning apartment to survive! (Video)

In Las Vegas (USA), a fireworks caused the fire of several apartments, Saturday, July 7, ravaging two buildings where lived 50 people with their pets .

By chance, firefighters quickly intervened to try to channel the fire... But it engulfed everything in its path. The residents all managed to escape the fire, in tears, their hearts tight at the sight of their flaming flats.

Unfortunately, not everyone came out alive... firefighters did not have not had time to reach a dog, trapped in flames . He was the only one to perish in this tragedy.

A cat, stuck in an apartment second floor , managed to reach the balcony while the apartment of its owners was in flames. But two floors, it's too high to jump ...

A cat with surprising survival instinct

Looking around, distraught, the cat did not know where escape . The roof was on fire and the floor looked terribly low. After searching around him for several minutes to try to find a way of escape, the cat climbed the railing of the balcony , to get as close as possible to the ground.

And there, under the encouragement and cheers of the residents who shouted at him " Jump! Baby jumps! , , jumped out of the flames

! The fall could have been fatal or could have hurt him severely, but the cat could fall back on his paws and was recovered by his masters, unscathed

! What a relief for them to find their companion. Fire is dangerous , we will never stop repeating it, and if fireworks amaze us and seem magical, they can also be terribly dangerous . " This is an unfortunate reminder that shows us how dangerous fireworks can be"