A cat gets into a pet shop... and loses control because of a very special plant!

Borrowing from catnip addiction (catnip) , a tomcat slipped into an animal shop in the Netherlands after fleeing from his home...

The video spreads like wildfire on the Internet: in this one, we can see a cat rolling around frantically in the middle of toys spread all over the floor and the shelf of a pet shop. The reason ? They were full of catnip, plant also called catnip, mint with cats or catnip and whose reputation is to make domestic felines very... happy, as you will be able to see it in this sequence shared on YouTube by witnesses of the scene:

No, you are not dreaming: on contact with the little bags, the animal has totally lost control of itself. And to say that he had just promised himself a little getaway out of the house... he especially managed to make people laugh on the spot!

Catnip, a "drug" without danger?

But truce jokes: seeing such a reaction in the tomcat, it is normal to wonder about the effects of this plant on him. Is it dangerous? The answer is no: this "drug" for domestic cats is absolutely harmless. It is the nepetalactone - volatile oil contained in the vegetable - that triggers the release of sexual pheromones and leads the animal to behave as well.

But beware, like all the good things it do not abuse it! Euphoria can sometimes turn into aggression. To give as a reward from time to time, so...

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