A cat found in a used mattress

There are many places where like to hide cats , but this one, you would never have imagined! In Vancouver, Canada, a cat was found in a mattress that had been donated by her mistress.

Timmy DeJordy was delighted to have her new mattress delivered last week and, at the same time, rid of the old. She chooses to give it to an association in her city, Vancouver.

" They packed it up and I did not pay attention " she

But the next day, Timmy's Precious Pussy does not show up for breakfast. Timmy's sister then points out that Precious loved to hide in the box spring. Panicked, Timmy immediately called the association.

" She was very worried, that's ' ', said the receptionist of the association.

The team then searches for Precious in a pile of mattresses donated . After twenty minutes and a dozen mattresses raised and inspected, they find the cat in a box spring, visibly scared. The receptionist hastens to announce the good news to Timmy.

Precious then returns home with the director of the association. If she had been silent all the time in the warehouse, the cat started to meow with joy knowing she was back home.

" She was a little low but she looked healthy given what she went through . Says Timmy

The 17 year old cat was found unharmed and was very lucky ! Cats are indeed very good at hiding in every nook and cranny. And you, what is the most unusual place where you found your pet?