A cat found 18 years after his death, but asleep before his family said goodbye

18 years: it's time Laura Rennie passed without hearing from her cat Toby. And when finally the animal was found, it was unfortunately to be euthanized.

A joy of short duration

Aged 39, the woman from Glasgow in Scotland did not believe her ears when an employee of the SSPCA (the Scottish SPA) came ringing at his door to tell him the news. Her cat, missing when she was only 3 years old, was found only a few miles from her home

Unfortunately, Laura Rennie's happiness was short-lived. She who had rushed out to get Toby's basket did not have the chance to take her in his arms again, or even to see her.

Struck by a car, the cat was discovered seriously injured and the next day , the association veterinarian refused to wait for his owner to come to the rescue center to put him to sleep.

"I was 20 years old when I got him saved, "says Laura Rennie. The abandoned kitten was then only 4 weeks old and she bottle-fed it for days and nights. "She was an outdoor cat and when she had almost one, she never came back."

It's thanks to her microchip that the cat could be identified 18 years later . "I was shocked and amazed to hear that the cat was alive, but then I realized that she was going to be euthanized and that I was not going to see her, it became very painful." The vet "was very cold, factual and really tough, she said," Listen to your cat surviving for 19 years, it's better to put her to sleep, "she says, and to say that Laura's visit Rennie would not bring anything to the cat or her

Excuses that are not enough

"She clearly said I was not welcome" she laments, unable to understand why the cat had been kept alive all night if her wounds made her suffer so much that she could not wait for her arrival at the shelter, and the disappointments did not end there, Laura was also denied the opportunity to bring back the body of her cat at home to bury her with Toby's sister in her garden.

Furious, she denounced this behavior to the SSPCA who says he is sincerely saddened by this situation and apologizes to him. veterinarian warned Mrs. Rennie that it might be too much for her to Toby given his condition, however we understand why the owner of the cat wanted the opportunity to say goodbye. We are really sorry that this situation has not been treated with more sensitivity, as it should have been , said a spokesman for the animal welfare association.

But more than an apology, Laura wants to see this scolded veterinarian and hopes she will no longer be forced to deal with the public as she does. did it with her.