A cat returns to its family after having disappeared for 11 years

A few months ago, a cat found its owners after 11 years wandering the streets of Portland (United States) . A miracle that would not have happened if it had not carried a microchip.

We can never repeat it enough: have your animal identified - just as well as feed and care for it - c is to love him . Yes really. Smart and tattoo make it easier to find a lost dog or cat. The proof of this is the story of Misty! She was only two years old when, in 2005, she disappeared from the home of Dean McCrea and Meredith Warren. However, last July, the Multnomah County Animal Shelter found her... and was able to warn her family.

For weeks, they had searched - in vain - their cat. They were very surprised to be contacted so long after his disappearance. They thought that - as for a neighbor's cat - his path had crossed the road of a coyote, reported The Animal Rescue Site .

A second chance

Taken the volunteers of the shelter, she was therefore examined. Appraisal: she was well fed, in good health... and wore an electronic identification. It is not unlikely that she was collected all the time by a family who, thinking she was lost and full of good will, decided to take care of the animal, without entrusting it to a veterinarian. But no matter, today, all is well that ends well : his family of origin does not want absolutely the second and takes advantage of every moment that offers this second chance.

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