A cat dies after being "washed" in a washing machine by a girl

It's a real drama that happened in Idaho where a three-year-old girl wanted to wash her cat by machine.

A few days ago in Idaho, a three-year-old girl decided to pass her black cat to the washing machine to clean it. Unfortunately for the animal, he did not survive. According to the child's grandmother, the girl was used to doing laundry with her every day and recently she could reach the buttons of the machine.

"She really thought helping the cat and that all would be well . It's a horrible accident and we have a broken heart, "says the grandmother who is struggling to recover from this sad story.

Significant safety actions

such a drama does not happen again , the family of the cat recommends to always pay attention to leave the child protection on the washing machines in order to lock the doors. It may also be helpful to warn older children to understand the dangers of locking a cat in a machine, closet...

Veterinarian Mike Nield, who practices in Idaho, recommends always checking that an animal has not entered a device before operating it and reminds how important it is to close the doors of the laundries to avoid dramas. Because cats love to hide in unusual places and sometimes dangerous. And the vet tells that his own cat has been hiding in his dryer for several days and that he has already treated a cat trapped in a freezer for several minutes.

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