A cat, a box, and a sure laugh! (Video of the day)

Everyone does not master as well as the famous cat Maru the art of getting into boxes! This cat has made the painful (and very funny) experience!

It must be said that the poor feline has set his sights on a cardboard not very suitable for this kind of game. His box is a lot too narrow! He manages to get his head and paws forward, but when it comes to his posterior, things are seriously complicated !

It's not nice to make fun of this poor cat. But how can you resist?

Maybe he could take some classes with Maru! Who knows, he could one day steal the show! Meanwhile, this adorable kitty offers us a great moment of happiness on Monday morning

A moment brief, but intense , to see and see again without any moderation!

This cat is not about to steal the show at the famous Maru!

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