A cat becomes the director of communication of a company!

Cats, cats, and more cats... Tremble poor humans! Because it seems that nothing can stop our dear and tender felines in their conquest of the world . Now they are taking over the reins of companies, like Boss, who we can only recognize, bears his name very well.
This nine-month-old Scottish Fold "sweet and majestic as befits a chef" "team" reads on the blog, has been named after a large competition, director of communication for the online gift shop Cat Box.

Hundreds of applicants but only one elected

Some 700 felines had submitted their applications. And it took two months to study them all and make a choice.
So it's finally Boss's resume that convinced him the most and now he's leading a company's communication. A mission for which he receives about 200 euros per month , of which 50 euros of food

If it was enough of a cat

Its attributions? To pose for photoshoots, give interviews, inspire employees to create new products, and give their image to these creations! A whole program!

No sooner was he appointed to his post and dressed in his suit and tie than Boss became a star on the web. It already gathers hundreds of fans on Facebook .

No doubt, CatBox has managed its publicity stunt! Now we start talking about the Romanian firm around the world

Like what, just name a cat to his head to offer a new breath!