A cat avoids the expulsion of his master

In England, where immigration policy is quite strict, a judge granted the right to a Colombian immigrant to stay in the country... thanks to his cat !

As this man's visa was about to expire, his case was dealt with in court to determine if he should leave England. The man, clever, had an argument: his cat

Indeed, if he returned to Colombia, he would be forced to abandon his pet , which would have constituted an offense Human Rights

This convinced the judge, who found that the fact that this man takes care of his cat, is a proof of integration

But this judicial decision made more than one talk about it. As Damian Green, an immigration ministry official: "If the detention of a domestic animal is to be a determining factor in the residence permit decisions, then the law is a shit."

If this decision leaves some perplexed, there is one who is happy to continue to take care of his cat. And who can say thank you!